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January Horror Block

It’s that time of the month where horror goodies arrive in my mailbox from lands far away!*


All this horror in one box!

All this horror in one box!

Another Rue Morgue. I’m not super into the horror mags as I probably should be, but they do give me something to read on my lunch break. I am excited about The Twilight Zone comic because who doesn’t love The Twilight Zone?

I'm quickly getting a nice stack of mags to read.

I’m quickly getting a nice stack of mags to read.

This month was a double shirt month. On Twitter, Horror Block had teased there would be a Child’s Play themed item and this t-shirt is it. I am willing to give this shirt away (it’s a ladies L) because since 1988 I’ve been scared of this movie. No way in hell I’m wearing this.



I caught the first few episodes of American Horror Story: Freakshow, but I haven’t kept up my watching of it. For me, AHS is a lot like the Star Trek movies: the odd numbered seasons are the only ones I can watch all the way through.

I'm always here for American Horror Story shirts.

I’m always here for American Horror Story shirts.

The design on this shirt is only ok. Certainly not as awesome as this little number I wore this weekend:

I should have been the Supreme

I should have been the Supreme

Do you know how hard it was to push the flower into this figurine’s hands? The theme of this box was “Things that are Difficult to Do” as you will soon see. I’m kinda “meh” on this, though.

I forgot Living Dead Dolls were a Thing

I forgot Living Dead Dolls were a Thing

Another thing I’m kinda “meh” on. MadBalls are ok; I guess they’re trying to come back? I’d give this to my kid if I wasn’t afraid of him swallowing it. This one is named Eye Sore.

I also forgot MadBalls were a Thing.

I also forgot MadBalls were a Thing.

I can’t tell you what this one is named because I couldn’t get the damned thing open. What happened to plastic eggs that you could just pop open? Wtf do I need to twist it for?

It looks like a PokeBall. Too bad it didn't open like one.

It looks like a PokeBall. Too bad it didn’t open like one.

And that’s January’s block!


December Horror Block

Sorry for the delay in getting December’s review out. The holidays coupled with Mav coming home for 2 weeks meant I wasn’t particularly inclined to do any posting. But now that everything’s settled down, on to the Horror Block!

I don't think 2 oz is gonna be enough

I don’t think 2 oz is gonna be enough

Zombie hand sanitizer! I actually don’t use a lot of hand sanitizer/antibacterial stuff. I prefer good old soap and water so I can keep the good bacteria that I have. But this is good to carry in my purse for emergency zombie outbreaks.

No Winston?! Boooooo!

No Winston?! Boooooo!

Another magazine, this time with the Ghostbusters on the cover. Minus one Winston Zeddmore so I’m not down with that.

Perfect for that toddler in your life

Perfect for that toddler in your life

I’m always too scared to squeeze these things hard because I’m afraid all the goo will pop out and get over everything. I’ll give this to my son when he’s old enough to appreciate it. Kids like gross-out stuff like this.

So cute!

So cute!

Yay another Funko Pop! I haven’t seen The Creature from the Black Lagoon in a loooooooooong time, but he’ll look cute next to my Pops of Marie Laveau and Myrtle Snow.

They're heeeeereeee

They’re heeeeereeee

A Poltergeist mouse pad! I’ll have to test this out at work as that’s the only place where I use a mouse. I hope it works well because this quality of this is really nice.

"You've always been here"

“You’ve always been here”

A very nice The Shining t-shirt! I love that the background print is the pattern of the carpet.

November Horror Block

These Horror Blocks are getting better and better! Let’s see what’s inside!

This month is everyone's favorite cannibal.

This month is everyone’s favorite cannibal.

This month’s block seems to be themed around the tv show “Hannibal.” M and I only ever watched a couple of episodes before our viewing fell by the wayside. Not that we didn’t think it was good, but we had so many other shows we were trying to keep up with that we didn’t have time for something new.

"Eat the Rude"? Is that his catchphrase?

“Eat the Rude”? Is that his catchphrase?

A t-shirt with our titular hero (?) on it, some stickers and a stress ball in the shape of a heart. I kept a sticker and gave the rest to a friend who is way more into Hannibal than I am.

I don't think Cthulhu can fit into my car

I don’t think Cthulhu can fit into my car

Fangoria mag featuring Norman Reedus. One day I’ll go back to watching The Walking Dead, but that day is not today. The windows on my car are tinted, so maybe I’ll hang this sign from one of the windows of the house. You know, I used to think those “Baby on Board” signs were just to let other people you had a baby. Kinda like a birth announcement. Apparently they are to announce you have a baby in the car AND everyone around you should drive carefully because of that fact.

As always, Grumpy Cat voices my thoughts perfectly.

As always, Grumpy Cat voices my thoughts perfectly.

If I saw someone driving around with this Cthulhu sign on their car, I would definitely drive carefully around them. Elder Gods are much more frightening than babies.

I think I need some sort of horror curio cabinet

I think I need some sort of horror curio cabinet

Rounding out this month’s box is a film cell from A Nightmare on Elm Street, a Godzilla hanging toy and…

…Holy shit, a Tales from the Crypt animated show aimed at children?! What manner of sorcery is this?! Brb, I gotta go put this in my DVD player.

Internet Famous! Again!

Please head over to Graveyard Shift Sisters and read my piece on watching Friday the 13th for the first time ever! I know as a horror fan that’s a shame, but I had a good reason, I promise!

I may even turn this into a regular feature, as there are plenty of “classics” out there that I’ve never seen.

I blame my parents.

BPAL Scent update!

I wore Hallow-e’en 1914 today at work. At first the dirt and cypress were really strong, almost strong enough to give me a slight headache. But as the scent dried and the day wore on, the sweetness from the honeyed fig came through and really mellowed out the other scents. I think this one can become a new favorite as long as I can power through the initial smell.

And the stars never rise but I see the bright eyes Of the beautiful Annabel Lee

My current Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab haul:

I ordered Hallow-e’en 1914 partially on the poem and partially of the scent notes. The Lab describes it as “an incense of dried ivy and maple leaf with honeyed fig, black cypress, and grave dirt.” The two biggest scents right out of the bottle are the black cypress and the dirt. I can’t wait to wear it and I hope the maple leaf and ivy come out more once it dries on my skin.

The extras (one of the best things I like about ordering from BPAL is they’ll usually throw in some extra scents in imp form.):

Queen–no scent notes on this one, although this one is from the conjure bag. Floral and spicy on first smell, this one should be interesting to wear.

Penitence: scent notes “pure, pious frankincense and graceful myrrh.” Exactly as it says. I actually love the smell of frankincense and myrrh, so this one might get a lot of wear.

Rakshasa: scent notes “sandalwood with rose and patchouli.” The sandalwood is rather strong on first smell, with the rose coming in a close second. This one should be fun to wear.

Dragon’s Milk: scent notes “Dragon’s blood resin and honeyed vanilla.” What is dragon’s blood resin? I have no idea! The vanilla isn’t super strong in this one so this’ll be another scent that should be interesting when it dries.

Love goes on and on…

There is laughter in my house again. There is also love, although love was always there just buried underneath the mound of shit a couple goes through when there is unemployment. There is a light in my husband’s eyes I haven’t seen in over a year.

There is love and I am happy.