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September Horror Block

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a subscription box junkie, so when I saw there was a website out there that would send you neat horror-related items for less than $30, I was sold. Nerd Block has not only horror boxes, but nerdy boxes for adults and kids. I had just made the deadline for the September box (horror block bills on the 10th of the month & ships out on the 25th). I got my horror block on Monday which, considering it was coming from Canada, was faster than I expected.

What's in the box?!

What’s in the box?!

The box was a good size and had a bit of weight to it.

I'm scared. Hold me.

I’m scared. Hold me.

Never being one to follow instructions, I opened the box.

Sept HB book tats

All right, not bad. I was excited to get a copy of Rue Morgue Magazine’s Horror Movie Heroes. This one is about the directors of horror, so it should give me some new movies to watch. Temporary tats aren’t really my thing, but I can see myself slapping them on for a quick costume if I’m feeling lazy.

Or I could just use this as a costume

Or I could just use this as a costume

According to the packaging that came with this mask, this is a character from an Iron Maiden album cover. Not being well versed in Iron Maiden or their album covers, I’m gonna have to take their word on it. The mask smelled very heavily of latex and the smell seeped into the shirts a bit. I feel sorry for anyone who might have an allergy who got this box; I don’t remember seeing any allergen warnings when I signed up for the block.

Scary clown is scary

Scary clown is scary

The block came with a second shirt featuring Pennywise from Stephen King’s It. This is where I admit I haven’t seen the movie all the way through, nor have I read the book. I’m not scared of clowns, per se, but the less I see of them, the happier I am. Also seeing the movie may kill my crush on Tim Curry since he played the titular clown.

Not bad for a first block, even if the mask smelled everything up. I can’t wait to see what next month’s block brings!