Monthly Archives: November 2013

Marduk desires not the barren wasteland of your dessicated viscera

I did not get a chance to update before we moved. That much is obvious I think.
The house (newly dubbed Section 20) is a mess. Our stove doesn’t work. M finally put our bed together yesterday so we’re no longer on the floor. I look at all the boxes around us and wish I had a magic wand that would just put everything into place for us and whisk away the things we didn’t want. And because our stove isn’t working, I’m not cooking for Thanksgiving this year. This has got me more depressed than I thought it would. I love to cook, never mind that I can’t do any day-to-day cooking, and the holidays are my favorite time to throw down in the kitchen. M put in a request to the maintenance guys a few days ago, but no one has shown up yet. I’m hoping to get it fixed before Christmas because if I can’t do any holiday cooking I may go berserk.


Friday Night Ramblings

We are about a week away from our move. Actually there is no “about” to it; we are a week away from moving. It doesn’t help that Monday is a holiday. The house isn’t even halfway packed, although that was my goal for the two weeks I was off in October. I also haven’t worked out in about three weeks, so there’s that too. There’s so much to do and I’m trying really hard not to say “fuck it” and down beers like a brodude.

I am also behind on my tv watching. We’re 2 episodes behind on American Horror Story: Coven and Scandal. I’m 2 episodes behind on Witches of East End (I try not to subject M to my trashy tv). I have Thoughts about this season of AHS that I have yet to fully form or write down. I do think this is the best season yet. I wasn’t that crazy about Asylum and I love love love Murder House.

I think I may also start logging the beers I drink here. I keep track of them with the Untapped app, but I don’t like using it for writing down my thoughts about what I’m drinking. According to my badges, though, my faves seem to be stouts/porters and ciders. Or maybe I’m going through a phase. Either way, I think I’ll start beer blogging.

I’ll try to get one more post in before the move. After the move, we’ll have to see how busy I am what with the unpacking and whatnot.

Oh, we didn’t have that many trick-or-treaters for Halloween this year. I’m blaming the lack of visible decorations on our house. Around here people are big on driving their kids from neighborhood to neighborhood; our house can been seen from the street outside our division, so we were always guaranteed outside visitors. This year with nothing on the house we just had a few kids from the neighborhood. It also probably didn’t help that Halloween was on a Thursday. Oh well. We have this big bowl of candy leftover that M and I have slowly been whittling down. If this and my laziness keeps up, I’ll have a nice layer of fat to comfort me through the winter. I’m going to try and not let that happen.